Greece Peloponnese STOUPA

STOUPA  – situated on the southern coast of the Peloponnese, is one of the areas in Greece that is preferred for developing “GREEN homes”; the modern way of building houses.

The area is nicely located and has a very healthy climate. For some years the area has developed slowly, slowly by building houses in the special Mani style.

The environment is unique.

Here you find 2 sandy beaches, tavernas, supermarkets and actually everything you need for living all year around or just for a stay in your holidays.

The village of Stoupa is located in the outer Mani in the Greek Peloponnese. It is a popular tourist destination for tourists from northern european, but apparently fairly unknown to Americans.

It is part of the municipality of Lefktro, in the prefecture of Messinia. Nikos Kazantzakis wrote Zorba the Greek while he lived here and there is a large statue of him on the cliff overlooking Kalogria beach, near a taverna.

Once Stoupa was a sleepy little town, in the past few years more and more tourists have discovered Stoupa. There are some 20 restaurants strung out along the beach, a few small hotels, and many rental houses. Besides Greek tourists, who come mostly in August, Brits, Germans and Norwegians are the most frequent visitors. Few Americans have found their way to Stoupa, seeming to favor the islands. Stoupa is in a fascinating area called Mani, the only part of Greece never conquered by invaders. The Maniots built tower houses, some of which have been restored, and holed up in them carrying out local feuds.